COVID-19 Update

We will be open on Friday, May 22nd! We will only be able to stay open at 25% occupancy to comply with the mandates in place. We will be selling tickets online only, so be sure to get yours quick and show up early! Memberships will also be reactivated on the 22nd of May.

We know this has been hard for everyone and we are excited to open our doors for you all again! So we just ask that you still follow safe social distancing and mask’s are encouraged, and we appreciate everyone following the rules and restrictions in place so we can continue to stay open during this time.

That being said, all shows are in the process of being rescheduled, all tickets will be honored for the new dates.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your outpouring of support and patience during this difficult time. We stand together through this, and as always, your club will be back!

Also the sad and unfortunate truth is that like many small businesses our back is against a wall due to the COVID-19 mandates. We have lost our ability to generate revenue for the last 2 months and our bills are piling up.  We have tried to do different things in order to sustain ourselves  but our efforts have been met with threats of permanent closure, citations, and even jail time. We applied for the grants but they keep “running out” of money.   Our staff and I have been performing odd jobs and will continue to do so.

As we said before we are a proud organization and we do not want hand outs. So we are doing the following for those that are able to donate.

Donate $1-$19
 and we will give you and your friend a ticket to any local show you want to go to when we open up.
Donate $20-$99 and The Rail will give you a ticket to any national show you would like to go to.
Donate $100-$200 and The Rail will give you a Single-Annual Membership.(Free concerts,discounted merch, free VIP upgrades, and members only parties)
Donate $201or more and The Rail will give you a Couples-Annual Membership.(Free concerts,discounted merch, free VIP upgrades, and members only parties)